Volunteer Airdrie is investing in our youth, making connections with non-profits and promoting cohesion between families, school and our community through LEAD.

“Leadership, Empowerment, Achieving a Difference”

The program includes volunteer practicum experience for the youth, where Volunteer Airdrie will support youth to make connections within our community. Youth are invited to register for this FUN and interactive program where we will explore and learn about the following topics:

Registration is accepted on a first come first serve basis, spaces are limited!
For our 2018 fall sessions, we invite YOUTH in ages 12-15 and ages 16-18 to participate in the program for FREE!
Students will gain valuable life and leadership skills while having fun with their peers, earning recognition and a certificate!
Please access the links below for more information or email at: dorothy.may@volunteerairdrie.ca


Local nonprofits are encouraged to contact Volunteer Airdrie to register your youth volunteer opportunities. This is a great way for your organization to be recognized for your community spirit through active involvement with LEAD.

Letter to parents | Letter to schools | Letter to volunteer organizations


“The kids did amazing. They are always a good group to have and very eager to help. Left them to their own devices up in the board room and they got it done. Thanks so much for letting me borrow them, they are always welcome.” – Carolyn Geertsen, Volunteer Co-ordinator, Airdrie Food Bank

“I wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was working with your (LEAD) volunteers that came to Soap for Hope last week.
They are a wonderful group and I look forward to having them volunteer again. Thank you so very much for encouraging them to come to us.” – Michelle Edgar, Soap for Hope

“It didn’t make sense to me why people volunteered because I didn’t understand why people work for free. But the volunteering I did opened my eyes and became the best part of the (LEAD) program. I got to hang with the rodeo princesses at the Airdrie Home & Garden Show and got to help out the local bee keeper.” – K.T., 15 years old LEAD Graduate

“Everything that we learn in LEAD can help you in your every day life and help shape you into a responsible leader. So thank you Dave, Melanie, Dorothy and everyone who participated in LEAD for shaping me into a responsible young woman.” – M.K., 13 years old LEAD Graduate

“One of the reasons I was doing this was to get back into volunteering. What used to be a rare pastime has now turned into a fantastic hobby. Thanks to LEAD, my love of volunteering has come back up again.” – M.B., 13 years old LEAD Graduate

“Over the past 2.5 months the LEAD program has taught me valuable skills about leadership that I will not only be able to use in the volunteer sector but in my daily life and especially in the work force that I will be joining soon.” -R.T., 16 years old LEAD Graduate

“The LEAD program has made me more driven and has gotten me more involved with the community. Even after completing my 20 hours of volunteering, I am still finding myself wanting to do more.”– P.F., 15 years old LEAD Graduate


How do you measure impact? Using pre-session and post-session survey questionnaires, we can measure changes in knowledge and attitudes, which will influence future behaviour. A good example from our LEAD Youth Leadership & Volunteer Development Program comes from our session on Conflict Management. Before the session, youth initial thoughts on conflict management indicated that when 41.7% were in a conflict they tended to respond in a hostile way back. After just 2 hours completing the module lesson, 83.3% indicated that they would stay open minded in order to prevent conflict.

The results are in! Our Chief Statistician for the LEAD program reported: “Overall experience of the LEAD program; 36.4% rated a 4 and 63.6% rated a 5. (1 being “meh” (poor) and 5 being highly recommend the program).”