Our Vision

A city where volunteering and community involvement are a chosen way of life.

Why is this important?

By contributing time, energy, and skills to their community, people gain a greater sense of belonging and connection. They are more likely to care for their environments and the people around them; imagine less graffiti, more local shopping, less crime, more block parties, and increasing community pride. This is especially important in a rapidly growing city like Airdrie, where we are seeing the strains of growth and below-average levels of community volunteerism.

The research shows that volunteers are more likely to lead connected lives, improving their personal well-being and sense of meaning. As a result, we see less social isolation which is often linked to stress and to poor health – this will reduce health care costs. Imagine the improved impact for social benefit organizations, whose strong volunteer base makes them more able to deliver on their mandates! We are working towards an inclusive and neighbourly Airdrie that is well-known for its caring citizens who make a difference wherever they can.

Our Mission:

To empower Airdrie residents to invest in themselves and their community through volunteerism.

What does that look like?

Currently, we have three primary strategic focuses:

1) Promoting and connecting people to volunteer opportunities with existing Airdrie organizations

This is our matchmaker role – helping individuals find meaningful ways to contribute and reducing the barriers for them to do so. Helping organizations promote their opportunities and find volunteers to support them.

2) Facilitating exchange and learning within Airdrie’s social profit sector

This is our knowledge broker & networker role – Helping organizations find resources helping them better engage volunteers, or hosting a gathering of social profits who are all facing a similar challenge and want to share ideas.

3) Supporting creative, DIY voluntary initiatives by individuals and groups

This is our creative partner role – you might see us developing a workshop or resource for DIY community engagement projects, hosting a ‘demo’ project, or simply sharing neat ideas and examples happening in your neighborhood to inspire local action.

Volunteering Airdrie has adopted the Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement. To learn more please review our resources.

Our Affiliations

– Volunteer Canada
– Volunteer Alberta

As many people know, Volunteer Airdrie (VA) is a vital community resource. Throughout the years we have had many politicians attend events and show their support. For that we thank you.

With a provincial election under way it is important to know that VA is a non-partisan organization and under no circumstances support any one political party or candidate. We are about serving the needs of Airdrie and surrounding community – regardless of backgrounds or beliefs. If any political party or their supporters wish to help and support the VA cause and volunteer after the election, we welcome your support. In the meantime, we wish all candidates the best of luck in their campaigns.

Volunteer Airdrie