Family Volunteering

Family volunteering involves more than one person in a household or extended family. It includes different generations in a family, volunteering together.

Here are some examples of volunteer activities that family members can participate in together:
• Serving food at a food bank
• Dropping off warm clothes during the holidays
• Reading to senior citizens
• Planting a community garden
• Walking animals at an animal shelter

What do family volunteers have to say about their experiences? Watch a video.


Tools for families and organizations:
Building Blocks for Family Volunteering: Tools and Resources for Organizations — This resource shows organizations how to start a family volunteering program. It includes helpful tools. It also draws on research. Watch a video demonstration on YouTube.
Building Blocks for Family Volunteering: Key Resources for Families — This tool gives families information about family volunteering. It offers volunteering ideas and shows families how to find opportunities.

Family Volunteering: A Discussion Paper — This paper looks at current trends in family volunteering. It shows organizations how to attract family volunteers.
Family Volunteering: The Final Report — This report is based on a national survey on family volunteering that found family volunteer opportunities may attract volunteers who would not otherwise get involved.
Executive Summary of Family Volunteering: The Final Report — This document summarizes the findings from Family Volunteering: The Final Report.
Fact Sheet on Building the Bridge to Family Volunteers — This document explains the characteristics of family volunteers. It points out common barriers to engaging family volunteers and offers solutions.
Volunteer Connections: Family Volunteering – Making it Official — This manual shows organizations how to reach out to families. It teaches them how to engage families in volunteering.