Plan a Block Party

A neighbourhood party (block party) is an opportunity for neighbours to get together, meet one another, have fun and work on a common activity. It usually takes place on a street that has been closed, but it can also take place in a neighbouring park or at a community facility. Activities can include barbecues, picnics, games, dancing and music.

Ten reasons to have a block party
1.Have fun — no excuse or reason is needed to celebrate
2.Meet your neighbours and celebrate your community
3.Increase your sense of belonging to the community
4.Organize initiatives such as a block parent program
5.Make connections
6.Meet a neighbour who can help you with gardening tips
7.Organize a babysitting co-op or share walking to school duties
8.Take action/share ideas to plan a campaign for traffic slowdown, better lighting, a new neighbourhood park or other residents' concerns
9.Use the street for the day to rollerblade, play hockey or dance
10.Meet some of the long-term residents in the neighbourhood and learn about its history

Planning your block party
• The idea of a neighbourhood block party is to bring people together; invite some neighbours to help out with the planning
• Decide what type of party would be best: barbecue, picnic, potluck or catered
• Start with a smaller event and grow it over the years
• Use natural neighbourhood boundaries (such as end of the block or everyone in the cul-de-sac) when determining who to invite
• Figure out a location. If you choose to host it on the street, or in a park or alley, you will need a permit. Contact Municipal Enforcement for more information
• Distribute a flyer requesting feedback on the date and time. Once the committee decides on a date, distribute another flyer with all the details
• You may want to post signs the day before the event to remind everyone to remove cars for street closure
• At the event, nametags are great for helping everyone to get to know each other

For more information on planning a neighbourhood block party, contact Community Development.

Approval must be provided by the City of Airdrie. Click here for the forms.
Block party requirements
Building Communities
Block party application form
Block party neighborhood consent form